Female genital mutilation affects millions of women worldwide. A little-known restorative surgery exists, and one by one, FGM survivors are being cut for a second time. This time to reclaim what they lost.

We treat even severe cases of FGM, which stands for female genital mutilation. It’s a centuries-old cultural tradition that involves the forced cutting or scraping of genitalia and young girls, most of whom live with complications from it for the rest of their lives.

Our patients are among a small but growing number of women with FGM who are opting for surgery to restore their genitalia.

Sensuality and sexuality are basic human senses in addition to sight, sound, smell, or touch. And so you can imagine that if someone had their sense of sight taken from them, what an outrage that would create. So the fact that we can give that back to someone it is enormous.

FGM reversal is not common. We have performed this surgery on just over 100 patients, mostly women born in Africa and now live in the United States.

Female genital mutilation in its various forms can ruin a woman’s ability to enjoy sex – the reversal surgery seeks to give that back. It’s designed to restore sensuality to the clitoris, which is actually much bigger than people realized. The clitoris isn’t a tiny level spot. There’s a huge amount of erectile tissue in the pelvis.

Even with the worst cases of FGM, we 100% always find the clitoris. It is big, and when you uncover the scar tissue and you reverse the mutilation, it’s there in the living collar. It’s wonderful, and it comes back.