What is FGM surgery?

It is the procedure to reverse some of the physical remnants of the mutilation. One of the primary goals of the surgery is the restoration of the clitoris, which is almost always cut. Victims of female cutting or FGM do have clitoral tissue buried in scar tissue. It can be isolated, freed from the scar tissue, and exposed to its original anatomical site. The vulva or lips of the vagina are then addressed for improvement by utilizing plastic surgical procedures.

Deinfibulation is the process of surgically separating the previously sutured or sewn-together lips of the vagina. This serves to restore normal anatomy and function to the vagina.

Is female genital mutilation legal?

The simple answer is No. In 1996, the U.S. passed a federal law banning FGM. Further legislation was passed in 2013 to address “vacation cutting,” wherein parents transported children back to their home country for cutting during their vacations. Additionally, there are currently 27 U.S. states that have specific laws banning FGM.
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